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  • 1.  Asset Management Software

    Posted 12 February 2020 00:34
    ​Hi all,

    I'm seeking a reference site to visit where there is Technology One, One Council CiA, SAAS, Intramaps on premise and SAMS in use for Asset Management.  The City of Armadale is planning to implement this model and I'm keen to learn how others are using this software in the Asset Management field.

    Any information that can be passed on will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Narelle Hudson
    Asset Management Coordinator
    City of Armadale

  • 2.  RE: Asset Management Software

    Posted 09 April 2020 01:29
    Hi Narrelle,
     Back in 2015 I used the similar combination which I believed the best combination I have met so far... ( Techone, Intramaps, and Assetic My predictor instead of SAMS those days Techone allowed integration with Assetic )  But looking at your list they all come from one provider and you may have to use SAMS for modelling purpose if you want to maintain single source of truth database in Technology one. only question is whether SAMS has maturity like My predictor which has been in for two decades. But if your Asset modelling and prediction requirement is not that advanced you got the best combination available from one provider...

    Gayan Abeywardena
    Assistant Director Infrastructure
    Muswellbrook Shire Council