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Level of Service targets ( roads - surface condition)

  • 1.  Level of Service targets ( roads - surface condition)

    Posted 09-11-2020 08:57

    Hi folks,

    I'm wondering if there is information regarding level of service targets concerning street surface condition for various street classifications and also the target deadlines. This is something that has come up as an issue for us when looking at our long term infrastructure renewal needs.

    We classify our major routes as regionals and our minor routes as locals. I know other groups use arterials or collectors. We also perform surface condition rating annually covering about a third of our network every year. We primarily collect data on cracking and spalling as over 80% of our network is concrete or asphalt over concrete. The end result of our ratings gives us a good, fair, poor score. We don't use IRI or PCI but again I realize many other groups do.

    What I'm interested in knowing from other groups is if we look at pavement surface condition, as an example we have about 8% of the regional network in poor condition. A LOS target might be to improve the condition and reduce the percent poor to 5% over 20 years.

    Do other groups / agencies have similar LOS targets? Other LOS targets?


    Juli Cox
    City of Winnipeg
    Investment Strategies Coordinator
    Winnipeg MB
    Pro Cert 2

  • 2.  RE: Level of Service targets ( roads - surface condition)

    Posted 11-11-2020 11:24
    Hi Juli,

    Setting  service level targets is integral to any financial plan as it sets the parameter for Council's spending on asset renewal into the future. As part of the Road AMP review, we used predictive modelling to set a desired overall condition that all stakeholders agreed to, then calculated the cost for maintaining asset at this condition for the next 10 years in order to inform Finance for budget planning.           ​


    Melton City Council

    Pro Cert 2