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Recovery Winches fitted to Light Vehicles

  • 1.  Recovery Winches fitted to Light Vehicles

    Posted 13-05-2021 14:21

    Good Morning

    Just asking for some feedback if possible.

    Should a work group require a recovery winch fitted to an operational vehicle, does any of your councils put in place an approval from WHS after providing risk assessments, operator training, work procedures for the safe operation etc.

    The first question that I have  asked to the operator  is why do we need to put a vehicle in a position that a winch is required to be used and can we changes to the work practice to avoid using a winch.

    Does your council have a policy or procedure for the recovery of vehicles?

    We have work groups that think that a recovery winch on the front of a Landcruiser is for removing trees pulling,  trucks and any other thing that the winch is not designed to do.

    The only information that I have found is Q fleet Vehicle Winches fact sheet.



    Stanley Roos
    Mareeba Shire Council

  • 2.  RE: Recovery Winches fitted to Light Vehicles

    Posted 28 days ago
    Good Morning Stanley, Over at Cook we went from having most of our vehicles that travel north being fitted with winches to only 5 vehicles that are used for flood pickups and feral and weed management and workshop job truck for recovery. We purchased some turfers that can be booked out from the store. Removal of winches decreased wet season damage to vehicles, like you suggest the operators decided they didn't have to go there if they had to use a manual turfer to recover the vehicle. Winches are dangerous items and the operators should be trained in the operation.


    Scott Johnson
    Cook Shire Council
    Fleet/Workshop Manger