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Physical Condition Assessment Practices for Water Utilities Assets

  • 1.  Physical Condition Assessment Practices for Water Utilities Assets

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi all,
    I am looking for practices and suggestions on estimating / performing a Physical Condition Assessments in Water Treatment Plants, Pump Stations and buried Pipelines.

    I need to do an "initial" physical assessment, we don't have reliable historical data for a model, this will be part of our asset management system implementation.

    Are there any "quick estimation" guidelines that takes into account asset years of age and rate of incidents/year as a factor for estimation?

    For Buried Pipelines specifically, anyone using estimation practices taking into account factors as: pipeline age, diameter, water pressure and pipe material, or historical leaks to sort of estimate the pipes are (or can be classified as) in Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor, Very Poor condition?

    For the ones using a more accurate approach and proactive actions - what kind of models and technology do you guys use for your condition assessments?

    (P.S. We are in the very early stages of asset management system implementation)


    Rence Rincones
    Manager, Asset Management
    Moose Jaw SK