• 1.  Carbon Dioxide Myth

    Posted 25-09-2013 08:53
    Hi All

    The vitriol that has come my way since my previous post is interesting but not wholly unexpected. If anyone wants to vent their spleen on me or this issue then I suggest they have the intestinal fortitude to use this forum.

    There are engineers around who have not been hoodwinked by the carbon dioxide catastrophy myth and I am one of those. I read widely on the issue and add common sense to my training and experience to come up with my view. All I am doing is asking fellow engineers to do the same.

    For those believing in the carbon dioxide myth, take a few issues.
    1. If you are really serious about our children and grand children's future why are you not demonstrating against all our coal that is shipped overseas? It is going to produce carbon dioxide, is it not? Why do you not want our coal industry closed down?
    2. Do you seriously believe that a 5 or 10% reduction in our 1.5% contribution to carbon dioxide produced annually is going to save the world? - or in fact make any appreciable difference.
    3. Answering the donkey response to 2. do you really believe that anyone in the US, China, Russia or the EU is going to follow our lead?

    Engineers are trained to think analytically. I do not see too much of that coming through in these posts. "Greenhouse effect" has morphed into "carbon pollution" and "global warming" which has subsequently morphed into "sustainability". As the warrants for each claim reduce, another name has to be found for the great lie.

    Time will tell the true story and I intend to be around to see many so called intelligent persons eat humble pie.

    Bill Peach

    William Peach
    Self Employed - NQ