Embedding climate change adaptation into council operations

  • 1.  Embedding climate change adaptation into council operations

    Posted 03 September 2013 17:51

    Dear Sustainability COP Members,

    IPWEA is affiliated with the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG), which is currently undertaking a project to develop a Guidance Manual to help local councils Embed Climate Change Adaptation into Council's Operations.  The Guidance Manual will provide examples of products - tools/templates/checklists etc.-  to assist council's mainstream adaptation actions into their operational processes. 

    To help identify leading adaptation examples ACELG is asking council's to participate in an online survey and provide examples of how they have embedded climate adaptation. The survey has been piloted by Canada Bay Council in Sydney. It should take approximately 15 minutes. Questions are designed to gather high level but specific details. Examples have been provided throughout to show an approximate length of an answer.  It should be filled in by a Sustainability Manager, Asset Manager or person championing climate change adaptation across the organisation. 

    Can you please support this important work by forwarding this email  to the relevant person in your Council?  Completed survey returns are requested by Wednesday 11 September 2013. To complete the survey please click on this link:

     If you have any questions please contact Sarah Forde (from RPS on behalf of ACELG and Canada Bay Council) at

     Kind regards

    Dr Stephen Lees
    IPWEA National Director Sustainability
    (m) 0412 264 187