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Climate Change

  • 1.  Climate Change

    Posted 12 January 2012 00:00

    Hi All,

    For what it is worth...

    It is an interesting debate going on.  Here at Salisbury we got some excellent advice from Dr Tim Moore, 3 years ago, who is an advisor in climate change response in South Australia (not a Climate Change Priest, as I like to call them).  He gave us advice not to focus on the question of Climate Change or the politics but to look at the business of Energy and to make every effort to generate our own Power.  His "Business model approach" is very similar to the recent Lecture series at the Sydney University Business School (Shown on ABC TV), which promoted moving away from "Green" thinking to "Blue" thinking a concept that has been around for years. 

    Generation of clean power has a triple bottom line effect for the business, for example it reduces operating costs, brings about a reduction in emissions and future proofs the organisation against major Energy cost increases which are sure to come.    Our Council installed a 30 kW pilot system and with the results of the energy generation, has used it to develop a business model for the construction of 5, 100 kW systems tailored not for rebates but to directly supply power to our main facilities.  It goes to Council for formal approval this month.  The project will cost around $3.0 Million over 3 to 4 years with the pay back period for these systems being less than 10 years (without subsidy).  They will also have a net reduction in operational cost of over $150,000 by the 10 year mark.

    Our Council consumes 90% of its power during the day (in SA ETSA are responsible for Street Lighting) so it makes a lot of sense, and is not contributing to the peak/offpeak generation issues.

    Dameon Roy
    Manager Design Services
    City of Salisbury


  • 2.  RE:Climate Change

    Posted 23 January 2012 19:02

    I understand that your proposal is going up to Council to spend $$ on producing your own power.
    5*100KW does not sound like a lot of power.

    Can you elaborate a bit more on the technology you plan to use (solar, wind ?), what percentage of your overall usage this will entail, and why you mention the $150K operational savings over the 10 year period separately. I would have thought this was part of the cost justification and the 10 year payback period.

    I am very interested and would like whatever information you can share at this stage.

    Darron Passlow
    Asset Planning PRF
    Warringah Council