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Global Warming by Mankind Fallacy

  • 1.  Global Warming by Mankind Fallacy

    Posted 25 April 2013 20:44
    G'day Mates

    I still have not been able to locate the original article by the British Met Bureau that stated there had been no global warming at all over the last 16 years. The fact has, however, since been widely reported in both the press and scientific circles. It is now recognised that the current computer model for climate change is in error. I urge all who aspire to change their council's operations to cater for something that is unlikely to occur to think seriously about the consequences if they are wrong.

    We all want to do our best for our children and grandchildren, but burdening them with costs that are completely unnecessary will be a major catastrophe. The "carbon tax" by the current government was always about raising taxes and they continue to dupe the gullible and ill-informed. Please take the time to do your own research - with an open mind - and you may be able to assist your council to act in a sustainable and practical way.


    William Peach
    Self Employed - NQ

    Gordonvale QLD


  • 2.  RE:Global Warming by Mankind Fallacy

    Posted 10 May 2013 18:58
    Give me your thoughts on our talking about "Resilience" as a major driver for how we manage our assets (soft and hard) in the future.
    Resilience (and a very good article) was mentioned and highlighted in another discussion through this forum.
    Go and have a look at this (before commenting).

    Resilience is something that does not fill a lot of "mind space" when people think or talk about Asset Management or the effects on assets from the environment (or other sources).

    I have asked for a new topic on "Reslience of LG Assets". This should (at least) be in the Asset Management forum.

    All, I hope you support this.


    Darron Passlow
    Asset Management
    Pittwater Council