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Small Wind Turbine Use on the Upswing

  • 1.  Small Wind Turbine Use on the Upswing

    Posted 20 April 2013 06:42
    Use of small wind turbines, which are touted as a source of clean energy, is on the upswing. Check out this web article from Civil Engineering magazine and find out why the market for these turbines is expected to grow in the near future.

    See the article here from ASCE's Civil Engineering magazine.

    Chris Champion
    CEO, IPWEA National
    Sydney NSW


  • 2.  RE:Small Wind Turbine Use on the Upswing

    Posted 21 April 2013 20:52

    Good to see someone (you) in IPWEA is interested in Environmental Sustainabilty and has contributed to this forum/discussion group. It has been quiet (dead) for a long time. Where are the other advocates (in IPWEA or members) or has Environmental Sustainability died as an issue?

    Unfortunately having read the article (and previously having been involved with the NSW Electricity Industry), it does not appear WInd Power is going to help much.

    They are talking about the global power production (from small wind devices) to go from 89MW to 189MW by 2018. Whoopty do! Do you realise that even in NSW our energy demand currently is about 10,000MW (based on our power plant capacities). That makes the global wind power <2% of NSW power demands. What must the percentage be globally. I think we need to put this into perspective.

    However, having said this I am a great believer in any small efffort at any level should not be ignored.

    Environmental Sustainability is a BIG issue (or as the Feds would say a "wicked issue") that will not be resolved over night. Every little bit will help, regardless of where it occurs and this is where Australia can play a significant part (in encoraging small but meaningful contributions) and has with the current carbon tax inclusion.


    Darron Passlow
    Asset Management
    Pittwater Council