Third Industrial Revolution

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    Posted 05 December 2011 22:34
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    Hi all,
    I am a new member of this forum and the Asset Management Forum.
    My day job is about asset management whle my night job is about creating a sustainable environment for future generations.
    I read a really great book recently "The Third Industrial Revolution ('TIR')" by Jeremy Rifkin.
    The book takes a very rational and conservative approach to "carbon induced" climate change. 
    Rifkin is a master of strategy and describes a working solution for reducing the use of carbon/fossil fuels.
    He suggests that the TIR will be based on distributed renewable energy involving an "internet like" system linking suppliers to users of energy.
    Hey what a good idea.
    We should be heading down this path in Australia and we can and there is no better place to start than at the Local Government level.
    Happy to discuss or provide more information, if there is interest here. 

    Darron Passlow
    Asset Planning PRF
    Warringah Council