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  • 1.  Artwork Asset Management Plan

    Posted 23-07-2021 12:41
    Hi All,

    I am in the process of developing an asset management plan for public art and cultural materials. I would appreciate if someone can share anything similar or give any advice on the key factors and considerations for this asset class.

    Many thanks!

    Maryam Mousavi
    Warrnambool City Council
    Asset Planner

  • 2.  RE: Artwork Asset Management Plan

    Posted 26-07-2021 13:20
    We did an artworks AMP as the assignment in the Professional Certificate​ in Asset Management Planning, the hardest part of the exercise was deciding whether or not to separate the building from the assets or treat them all as one service. We chose to separate but found it difficult to maintain that separation in the development of the plan, especially around service levels.

    Ashley Bishop
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Benalla Rural City Council


  • 3.  RE: Artwork Asset Management Plan

    Posted 27-07-2021 13:44
    Hi Maryam,
    We have developed a simplistic graphic that provides the key elements that need to be considered in your plans - regardless of the asset class. This is straight from 55001 (section 6.2.2) and we have used this in multiple organisations, asset classes and frameworks.
    This could help articulate the key activities and information requirements for you to develop yours. Hope this helps.


    Sean Reeves
    Reeves Group Services Pty Ltd


  • 4.  RE: Artwork Asset Management Plan

    Posted 03-08-2021 15:13
    Hi Maryam

    We're created an Artworks, Culture and Heritage AMP last year. You can find it (and a simple snapshot version) at  Happy to chat further or connect you with our subject matter experts.

    CatrinJohnsonCity of