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  • 1.  Bridge costs per m2

    Posted 24-07-2020 12:37
    Good Morning All,
    Has anyone got a good reference for bridge costs per m2? Have checked Rawlinsons and whilst there's unit rates for precast concrete and concrete elements, there's not a unit rate for bridges specifically. For interest unit rates at Gunnedah are approx $3,008/m2
    Thanks in advance
    Daniel Noble
    Gunnedah Shire Council

  • 2.  RE: Bridge costs per m2

    Posted 30-07-2020 16:58

    There are so many permutations in bridge design that this will always be a difficult one to answer. Here in the North East we, as a group try to work this out based on actual construction data and then generate a mean with std deviations of acceptability. but as at today we haven't finished this yet. Here in Benalla, we are currently using  $1,533 for precast crown units or major culverts and $3,066 for Bridges (close to Gunnedah's $3,008). However more work needs to be done to account for the different types and number of spans, maybe a SQM rate/ span and then add a unit rate for piers then recalculate, open to discussion. 

    What I extracted from Rawlinson (p723 current edition) was $1655/sqm for composite deck and $2735 for abutments  which opens the question on componentisation. I am going to move towards Deck, Superstructure, Substructure, abutments and furniture.

    On Rawlinsons, I approached them to produce a unit rate handbook for the types of assets we deal with, given they have a lot of the data anyway, but they were not interested! Probably a guarantee sale to every council if they did!

    Where is the IPWEA Practice Note for Bridges when you need one!

    Ashley Bishop
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Benalla Rural City Council