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Condition assessment using AI and ML

  • 1.  Condition assessment using AI and ML

    Posted 17-08-2021 09:47
    Hi all
    I am a researcher and I have been working in the asset management area sometime now. We recently started working on the use of Machine Learning to categorise cracks in bridges which is yet to be published. I saw there was a discussion about use of AI in condition assessment of roads and footpaths and thought to write my interests here too to see whether it is a topic which will beneficial for local councils.
    I saw that MBRC and Logan council apparently are using techniques to gather information which must be through IoT. This is possible in many different ways as suggested by few. Once we collect these data (may be images), the method we developed can be used to categorise the cracks (in bridge elements) such as heavy, moderate or hairline. I just would like to know your opinion about the application of this method. Would that be something that councils will be happy to try with a dataset?
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards

    Associate Professor Weena Lokuge
    University of Southern Queensland
    07 3470 4477

    Weena Lokuge
    University of southern QLD