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Sewer Rehabilitation - Relining/Bursting Technical Specifications

  • 1.  Sewer Rehabilitation - Relining/Bursting Technical Specifications

    Posted 24-09-2019 10:22

    We are currently packaging up sewer lines for rehabilitation. We do not have a formal technical specification for this work, and have had some past issues that we do not want repeated. A good tech spec.could help us mitigate the risk of poor performing products and installation. In particular, we have issues with groundwater infiltration as we are in a coastal environment, NSW.

    The majority of lines have been designated relines, with a smaller number for bursting.

    Would there be a utility that could share the technical specifications they use for similar works?

    I would also like to chat about pros/cons of relining versus bursting and what works best in certain situations.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thank you