YIPWEA NSW Networking Event Update

  • 1.  YIPWEA NSW Networking Event Update

    Posted 15-02-2016 09:34

    As some of you may know, from the last NSW State Conference we’ve been trying to organise a YIPWEA Event for NSW members to come together. We were aiming for a February weekend in Bathurst, but unfortunately the stars haven’t aligned.

    But don’t despair….we have a plan.

    We are looking at potentially hosting an event around the 16/17 April in Sydney, as this weekend is immediately after the joint Regional Chairs, Secretaries and YIPWEA RCs forum, which is scheduled to be held Friday 15 April at Coogee. Details are yet to be sorted out but it will hopefully involve an exciting site tour of some of the Darling Harbour Waterfront or perhaps the SFS/SCG.

    This will be your opportunity to meet, greet and grill your new NSW Young IPWEA Committee and let them know what it is that matters to you and what you are looking for from your Association.

    There is then plans for later in the year to gather in Bathurst for the CSU hosted engineering week in June.

    We will keep you all updated as details get sorted out.

    Please let us know if that is something you would be interested in and any ideas for site tours in Sydney are welcome, otherwise I’m looking forward to meeting and catching up with everyone soon.


    Nicola Daaboul
    Coordinator Asset Systems ,Works and Projects
    Bankstown City Council