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Young APWA

  • 1.  Young APWA

    Posted 16-03-2014 16:43
    Hi everyone,

    I have recently started talking to the Young Professionals network for the American Public Works Association (APWA). If you were at the conference in Darwin last year you may remember Elizabeth Treadway, their President, partake in the panel session.

    They have quite an established Young APWA group -

    I thought it would be a great idea if Young IPWEA and Young APWA could collaborate on ideas and resources to progress both groups while building our knowledge and experiences within the sector. For example, Young APWA has a strong emerging leaders academy which they run across the USA. When I made contact with them they were equally enthusiastic about the concept of collaboration and will discuss possible ideas at their next chapter teleconference.

    If you have any ideas on how the two groups could potentially work together please reply to this discussion!


    Kim Sedgwick
    Chair, Young IPWEA

    Operations Manager (Systems)
    ARRB Group
    Vermont South VIC


  • 2.  RE:Young APWA

    Posted 17-03-2014 11:40
    Thanks Kim,

    Can we provide limited number of reciprocal memberships (no fees payable), just as a trial for a year even?

    Also do they have forum like ours for info/idea exchange, which we can subscribe/join?


    Ashish Shah
    Program Leader - Road Asset Management
    Logan City Council
    Logan Central QLD


  • 3.  RE:Young APWA

    Posted 21-03-2014 13:53
    Hi Ashish, There is the possibility of being able to do that - we just need to work through the benefits of what that would include and how we would get each side involved in terms of engagement. APWA has a couple of different ways of connecting to their memebership: infoNOW - which looks like it is email group based: <> I believe their forum style setup is here: <> but I dont seem to be able to access it at the moment. I have sent through the information for our Communities of Practice and they are hopefully discussing these types of possiblities during their next Chapter meeting. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon too. Keep the ideas coming! Cheers ------------------------------------------- Kim Sedgwick Chair, Young IPWEA Operations Manager (Systems) ARRB Group Vermont South VIC -------------------------------------------

  • 4.  RE:Young APWA

    Posted 25-03-2014 15:52

    Good work on creating a link with Young APWA,  I think the relationship will be beneficial to both groups.


    Taryn King
    City of Nedlands