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Idea for development

  • 1.  Idea for development

    Posted 18-11-2013 14:17

    I am interested in finding out your views on something that I am hoping to trial over the next couple of years.
    We have recently restructured and rather than having a Director of Engineering the structure now has two engineering managers reporting direct to me as GM.
    The first position is Infrastructure Planning Manager which is currently occupied by someone who I am sure will probably see this because he is also an under 35's member (Adam Stewart).
    The second is the Engineering Works Manager which is currently vacant and is being advertised (details on Boorowa Council website).

    I am hopeful that with the right two people in those positions there may be an opportunity after say 12 months or 2 years to flip the roles so each gets a complete understanding and experience in doing all things engineering and is better equipped to take the next step to a Director role.

    I am interested in finding out whether the idea of having the opportunity to work closely side by side with someone and then swap jobs with them is considered attractive????

    all comments welcome.


    Anthony McMahon
    General Manager
    Boorowa Council


  • 2.  RE:Idea for development

    Posted 21-11-2013 09:39
    Hi Anthony. I think that the prospect of the job share/swap is an attractive one. I have had a few different roles at Council since finishing my trainee-ship. It has been pretty valuable to get experience in different positions, but still being able to stay with the same employer. Not that I have actually held a Managers role, I would imagine that when it comes seeking further experience you would only have a couple of options: Either wait for your Director to move on and hope that you are experienced and qualified enough to be accepted into their role; or Search for employment elsewhere in another Managerial position - which would more than likely involve uprooting yourself/family and moving to another town/city. The prospect of being able to maintain the same position in the hierarchy at the same workplace but to gain experience in a different role would surely keep me motivated. I believe it could result in more experience staff that are far less likely to 'stagnate' or become inefficient in their role. Would be interested to hear what you decide... ------------------------------------------- Hamish Scroope Projects Engineer Yass Valley Council YASS NSW -------------------------------------------

  • 3.  RE:Idea for development

    Posted 25-11-2013 17:10
    Hi Antony,

    The idea of role-swapping is brilliant. I think it will help develop and accelerate young engineers into directorship.
    I only wish such chance could present itself to me sometime next year.

    Sylvester Otieno
    Projects Officer
    Walgett Shire Council