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Social Media and Your Career

  • 1.  Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 25-08-2013 16:05
    Morning all,

    Just a quick one: I'd imagine most of us have a social media presence of some description, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, but how many have a professional social media presence such as LinkedIn?

    Of those that do, do you find it useful? Are there any examples of employment opportunities resulting from an online career presence?


    William Barton
    Deputy Engineer
    Junee Shire Council


  • 2.  RE:Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 27-08-2013 05:56
    Morning Will, I find LinkedIn quite useful for seeing when people change organisation or role, especially within the Public Works industry as people seem to move around a fair bit! I also think its beneficial in that it is a easy way for people to stay connected slightly informally. Essentially like professional facebook... I have seen people be approached by recruiters through LinkedIn, and I have heard that recruiters will now look up the person on LinkedIn if they have applied for a job. There seems to be a lot more jobs being advertised through it as well, so I would say it is becoming a more effective way to recruit for specific skills or experience. So I personally find it quite useful! Cheers ------------------------------------------- Kim Sedgwick Operations Manager (Systems) ARRB Group Vermont South VIC -------------------------------------------

  • 3.  RE:Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 29-08-2013 06:44
    I use LinkedIn regularly also, and I find it really effective! Not only is it good to build connections throughout the industry (and keep in contact with old uni friends professioanlly). I also find it handy for keeping up to speed with the latest industry trends through articles and releases by companies and organisations. I'm seeing more and more familiar faces from IPWEA and EA appearing on LinkedIn too.

    Ryan Duff
    Land Development Engineer
    Wollongong City Council



  • 4.  RE:Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 31-08-2013 21:05
    Morning All

    I personally have gradually expanded my use of social media, including linkedin. I agree with everyone else that they are highly valuable tools for communicating and keeping an eye on what is happening around the place.

    I don't want to side-track this discussion too much but I am interested in whether your organisation allows use of social media by staff during work time and if so whether you have guiding policies/procedures on what is acceptable use.

    Anthony McMahon
    Acting General Manager
    Boorowa Council



  • 5.  RE:Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 06-09-2013 08:44

    Hi all,

    I maintain a LinkedIn account that I find extremely useful in keeping in contact with networks throughout Australia, there is also benefit in keeping up to date with incoming trends and changes of public perception through posts within LinkedIn. As well as a follower of pages that provides updates in best practise for engineering in both my field, and the wider community.

    At present work has a policy that only enables social media usage during staff lunch time, which includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc, with some staff being granted additional time if they can demonstrate that there is a genuine work need to be on these medians.

    Would there be benefit/a desire by the YIPWEA community to create a LinkedIn page that could provide another opportunity to communicate and network? Keeping in mind that the South Australian Local Government Asset Management Network, (a group that hold quartly meeting in SA with approximately 70 members) have created a LinkedIn group, that at present is only getting limited online interaction occurring.

    Happy to discuss further

    [IPWEA CEO: An advantage of the IPWEA Community of Practice networks is that we now have 12,000+ public works professionals providing focussed discussion and networking for our sector, and 440+ on the YIPWEA Forum (and growing). I have found that you need these kind of numbers to get good online interaction. We have set up LinkedIn pages for IPWEA and Young IPWEA but more as pointers to our IPWEA forums on the IPWEA website (this forum). Hopefully this IPWEA Forum is serving a lot of the functionality being sought. LinkedIn may be good more for exploring job opportunities.]

    Simon Keith
    Development Engineer
    Light Regional Council
    Kapunda, SA


  • 6.  RE:Social Media and Your Career

    Posted 31-08-2013 21:12
    Good Morning all,

    There certainly is evidence that recruiters are utilising LinkedIn, with some organisations solely advertising positions in this space and not the traditional areas. Certainly it is used by recruiters as a form of quick reference checking.

    Personally I maintain a Linked in presence and have it connected to the IPWEA NSW Twitter account and the NSW Website. This is a great way of again expanding my network and promoting the wonderful activities of IPWEA and the achievements of its membership. as I travel around the state and beyond, I am constantly reminded of how important public works is, the dedication of our engineers and their skills and passions for building communities.  I have no hesitation in promoting this to a wider audience.

    Twitter is an interesting medium and I am becoming more appreciative of its influence and engagement, highlighted at the Darwin Conference #ipwea2013 with the ability to immediately respond, comment, engage with the conference and others in real time.

    So in summary embrace the media tools available  to promote your personal professional career , but at the same time promote the industry of public works, engineering as  a career choice and your local community.

    John Roydhouse
    Chief Executive Officer
    IPWEA (NSW) Division
    Sydney NSW