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    Posted 04-07-2013 18:08
    IPWEA has introduced a regular section in our Public Works Professional magazine featuring Young IPWEA members.

    The May / June edition featured Kurt Pitts who has willingly taken on the Chair of Young IPWEA in Victoria.

    Checking pipes in rural towns for three months didn't really fit with Kurt Pitts' plans to be a structural engineer when he was a student at inner city Melbourne's RMIT.

    But that's the gig he got during vocational employment in West Gippsland's Baw Baw Shire.  It was a hundred motorway clicks from Carlton's cool coffee shops ... but he loved it!

    In fact, he kept returning for different assignments until he was hired on the first rung of his career as a graduate engineer.

    Now six years later, he's climbed higher up that ladder to become Senior Subdivisions Engineer, Acting Coordinator of the Shire's Infrastructure Growth Group, and one of the driving forces who helped put Young IPWEA on the map.

    Read more about Kurt's career introduction to public works here.

    Or check out the full digital edition of Public Works Professional online here

    Chris Champion
    CEO, IPWEA Australasia
    Sydney NSW