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Asset Management Systems

Anonymous Member19-09-2018 11:34

  • 1.  Asset Management Systems

    Posted 17-09-2018 08:34
    Hi All,

    I'm seeking feedback on what systems Councils and Water Authorities are using to manage their assets.
    Of particular interest is 'works management' and the use of 'mobility' devices.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Posted 18-09-2018 10:25
    ​Hi Andrew,

    We use the Technology One suite of applications at the City of Charles Sturt. This includes Works, Assets, Mobility, SAM, Financials, Property & Rating and HR&P, providing us with a seamless integration between the systems.

    MarkMatthewCity of Charles SturtManagement Accountant 8408 1111


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    Posted 18-09-2018 10:25



    We are currently setting up for the TECH1 solution for works management/asset management.  Supposedly with seamless links to F1 (financials) ECM (documents).  It looks good on paper, but they all do!  Just a bit sceptical about functionality that makes life easier for all, but there is mobility solutions included.  I think NOOSA or MAROOCHY may use it as a cloud hosted solution, we are going with our own servers.


    Very big change...................................


    Thanks & Regards........Michael

    0417 738 026





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    Posted 18-09-2018 11:34

  • 5.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 18-09-2018 12:13
    ​We are using Confirm which includes Confirm Connect (mobile solution), workzone, customer request and SAM.

    Kylie Kerr
    Asset Manager
    Moree Plains Shire Council
    02 6757 3284


  • 6.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 19-09-2018 11:14
    Hi Andrew,

    QPRC are currently rolling out the OneCouncil solution from TechnologyOne.  Currently slowly working through implementing Inspection Schedules and implementing work orders using the T1 Mobility solution.

    This has proven to be a large tasks and should not be under estimated and needs dedicated resourcing to implement within reasonable timeframes.

    Andrew Grant
    Assets Specialist

    Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council
    Tel: 02 6285 6221
    Mol: 0429 130 039
    Mail: PO Box 90 Queanbeyan NSW 2620


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    Posted 19-09-2018 11:34
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  • 8.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 19-09-2018 11:35
    Hi All,

    We use Assetic in Moreland City Council. We have recently migrated to Cloud version of Assetic.

    We use the system as Asset Registers, Asset Valuation, Asset Modelling( myPredictor) and also Assetic's Mobility App for Roads Maintenance.

    Mohammad Fazal Talukder
    Asset System Administrator
    Moreland City Council

  • 9.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 19-09-2018 11:35
    ​Hi Andrew - QPWS (QLD Parks and Wildlife Service) are currently using Loc8 for desktop and mobility systems for asset management and the creation and despatch of jobs. I worked previously for MBRC and they were using Technology 1, Veolia Network Services was using Infonet (desktop and mobility), Queensland Urban Utilities were using Ellipse (about 4 years ago - could have changed since).

  • 10.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 20-09-2018 12:37

    The City of Salisbury use Confirm (have been for 20+ years) and are currently in the process of rolling out the Confirm Connect mobile application for field use for Customer Requests, Jobs, Defects and Inspections as well as Confirm Workzone for job allocation to field workers.


    James Corletto
    Team Leader Strategic Asset Management
    City of Salisbury


  • 11.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 20-09-2018 15:32

    As a digression, we recently went looking for an Asset management system. I stole ideas from Kylie Kerr at MPSC.
    1. Decide the scenarios that are most likely to occur and write a paragraph about it.
    2. Short list the plethora of provider possibilities based on your budget and other potential key elements/functionality/integration.
    3. Use these scenarios as the basis for the selected short list of providers to present to, so you can see if the product suits your needs the best.

    We used a survey to gauge the opinion of the attendees of the presentations on 3 levels, Presentation, Ease of use, Speed of retrieval.
    Only one of the three we short listed managed to present to all of the scenarios, one had some technical difficulties, the other was a complete failure.
    One other key requirement to ask is "Is it standalone?" especially the likes of the "Big" named providers, where if you do not already have the Finance side it will not work very well at all and so will add multiple 000's to the real cost.


  • 12.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 21-09-2018 11:54
    ​Hi Andrew
    At Northern Beaches Council, we have rolled out TechnologOne for our asset management system, and have an internally-developed platform we are using for mobility, which integrates into with TechOne.

  • 13.  RE: Asset Management Systems

    Posted 17-10-2018 16:15
    If you're business has Office 365, you can set it up in there. Why pay for another system?