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Enterprise GIS

  • 1.  Enterprise GIS

    Posted 10-10-2018 11:02
    ​Hi everyone

    I am looking for peoples thoughts on Enterprise GIS solutions including but not limited to Spectrum and Intramaps.
    What issues did you have with the implementation and most of all integration with other council programs such as Finance, Asset Management and Records Management software?

    Any information will be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Nathan Berry

  • 2.  RE: Enterprise GIS

    Posted 11-10-2018 14:04
    Hi Nathan,
    my council has been going through the process of integrating the information between separate systems such as: Assets, Maintenance Management (Reflect), Finance(Authority), Records(Trim). We had an old version of Exponare as well, but we ended up using QGIS as our visual mapping display programme.

    It has been quite an interesting project, as we had to ensure that there were key identifiers, that linked information between each system initially. Once the key identifiers were in place, we could extract the data from each system (nightly) and transform, clean and link the data. Essentially we could unify the data to provide a single view (rather than having a single system).
    Where we needed additional data structures, we would use a postgres/postgis database to manage data. This was a great answer for us, as it unified our spatial data with our aspatial data.

    Now we are at the stage, where we are building visualisations that pluck the information out from all of the noisey data from across various systems. The most enjoyable part about this whole process is - we haven't had to buy one "system". With some data management skills, some good ideas and an opensource toolkit (qgis, postgres/postgis, R and Shiny), we have been able to customise the project to meet our changing needs.

    It would be interesting to hear a little bit more about what you have in mind


  • 3.  RE: Enterprise GIS

    Posted 17-10-2018 14:29
    Edited by Ashley Bishop 17-10-2018 14:42
    ​Nathan, to quote something that was said to me three years ago by our MAV rep, is that from his observations of many councils in Victoria, those with a dedicated Asset Management System were doing a lot better than those with an enterprise system. This might also be true with a GIS. I have noticed lately that many councils are moving to ESRI based products. Any enterprise system may also be a requirement if you subscribe to their AM, Finance, CRMS or records management system.  It can be a tough call hopefully a decision made by those in the know rather than a committee of bean counters.

    Ashley Bishop
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Benalla Rural City Council


  • 4.  RE: Enterprise GIS

    Posted 18-10-2018 12:16
    We have had some interesting experiences trying to integrate our Esri GIS with our TechnologyOne Enterprise AM system. When we selected Techone it was with the promise that the system used the Open geospatial standards and would easily integrate with GIS packages.

    As we are moving further through the integration phase we are finding that the Techone web services that are available for this job are poorly written and lacking documentation, and basically won't do what we need them to. We are going down the route of using a third party integration tool (FME) to enable the integration. This also has the benefit of enabling a whole lot of other data processing activities and integration with other parts of the business as well.

    Tod Trotman
    Asset Manager - Network Waitaki Ltd
     (03) 433 0065  (03) 433 9022 DDI  (021) 225 7516



  • 5.  RE: Enterprise GIS

    Posted 19-10-2018 19:03
    Hi Tod,
    just a some questions - TechOne also roll a web based GIS called Intramaps. I was wondering if your ESRI Gis was already part of your enterprise kit and had to be integrated, rather than running with Intramaps. Was there any consideration about using Intramaps?

    Our council recently had a session with the ESRI sales team, running through all of the whiz bang esri bits. My impression was: once you let ESRI in, you wouldn't be getting off it easily (all of those shiny widgets!). Do you need more than one esri trained person to keep the machine going? How indispensable do you find it?
    We are not going down the ESRI road, but it was a point of curiosity after our demonstration session


  • 6.  RE: Enterprise GIS

    Posted 23-10-2018 09:46
    Hi Steven, we actually brought Esri in to replace our previous GIS system Integraph (now Hexagon) Gtech, after we had Techone on site. Long, sordid story, but basically for an electrical distribution business Esri offers a lot of tools and functions that are incredibly useful, and there are a lot of products that integrate very easily with it. In our case the licensing was really competitive as well. The deal was sealed for us when I took my GIS team to the national Esri conference and witnessed all the neat stuff that other companies were doing with Esri.

    We have one and a half staff keeping Esri going, and we have found that the support in New Zealand is really good. We worked with the local agents (Eagle Technology) to make sure that the rollout went smoothly, including changing our data where needed to suit the product. We are using it for more and more analysis and reporting across the business.

    When we considered Intramaps at the time it had nowhere near the functionality as Esri, but that was a couple of years ago, so it may have improved since then.