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Valuing access roads as an asset

  • 1.  Valuing access roads as an asset

    Posted 17-02-2021 07:26
    When  revaluing assets, should the land on which the road sits be taken into account in the fair value, in the same way that the land on which a building sits is part of the asset value? Or should the road not be considered as an asset in itself because it is already giving value to the building (or any other infrastructure such as a quay) which it serves?

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  • 2.  RE: Valuing access roads as an asset

    Posted 18-02-2021 15:55
    Both are usually valued - land under a road is valued separately from the built road asset. The ownership or control of the land under the road would need to be determined. Refer to:
    And for local government:

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