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Concrete Footpath Repair and Pedestrian Hazards

  • 1.  Concrete Footpath Repair and Pedestrian Hazards

    Posted 14-01-2021 16:30

    Hello All,

    Has anyone got a SWMS for concrete footpath repair they could share? 

    Ideally something covering:

    • Trip hazard trigger point
    • Concrete grinding
    • Pedestrian interaction and traffic control
    • Trigger points for replacing sections of footpath


    Kind Regards,
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  • 2.  RE: Concrete Footpath Repair and Pedestrian Hazards

    Posted 18-01-2021 07:19
    Hi Bill,
    All trip hazards higher than 10mm we consider to be dangerous and gets grinded level with the adjoining section. Anything higher than 20mm gets repaired or programmed for replacement. Badly cracked sections less than 30m2 get replaced as part of the maintenance regime. Larger pieces gets replaced as part of a renewals program. Pedestrian traffic is being controlled as per COPTTN and are directed around the work area.

    Hope that helps. Others might have a different regime, but that is what we do.

    Johann Botha
    Manawatu District Council
    New Zealand

    Pro Cert 2

  • 3.  RE: Concrete Footpath Repair and Pedestrian Hazards

    Posted 20-01-2021 12:11

    As a comment/observation regarding tripping hazards on footpaths, we often only look at larger ones and ignore the smaller ones but older people tend to find those smaller ones more hazardous, they also  find small changes in shape where they scuff their feet on a sudden rise which is not associated with a defect.  You may have done this yourself.

    We can't go along fixing everything but sometimes the big defects are not the most hazardous, its just a perception.

    Ashley Bishop
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Benalla Rural City Council

    Pro Cert 2

  • 4.  RE: Concrete Footpath Repair and Pedestrian Hazards

    Posted 21-01-2021 09:31
    Hi Bill,

    The Statewide Mutual Best Practice Manual - Footpaths (Aug 2019) would be a good start and was used as the basis of our Policy and Procedure.

    Geoff Paton
    Manager Infrastructure
    Blayney Shire Council

    Geoffrey Paton
    Blayney Shire Council
    Manager Infrastructure

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