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asset inspections

  • 1.  asset inspections

    Posted 20-08-2018 07:36
    Hi all,

    I'm just wondering what Asset Inspections and Traffic Management programs people are using within local Government and any assosiated issues?

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    Posted 21-08-2018 12:39
    ​Asset Inspections, we mainly used ArcMap or spreadsheets

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    Posted 22-08-2018 10:43
    ​Hi Matt,

    We are currently using the Konect App for our asset condition data capture on gravel roads, it's working well so far and we are looking to see if it can fill other gaps for us for inspections until our corporate software can provide us with what we require.


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    Posted 23-08-2018 16:39
    ​Hi Matt,

    At City of Launceston we conduct visual asessments via foot, vehicle, CCTV and drone. We create test collection data fields and set these up on Maintenance Schedules in TechOne which create operational work orders to our Inspection Officers or Work Crews via Mobility and they conduct the inspection. The assets in our Asset Register are linked and synced with our GIS so the responsible officer for the work order can see the asset they are inspectign in a Map View. We also enter condition data on our assets from external contractor inspections where required.

    In the past our Roads Assets area have also used ARRB to come down and conduct their drive through condition assessments.

    Hope this helps,




    Kristi Cohen I Parks Asset Officer

    Asset Management & Delivery I Infrastructure Services I City of Launceston

    T I 03 6323 3233



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    Posted 27-09-2018 08:44
    G'day Matt,

    For Stormwater and Sewer Manhole inspections we use Konect App or AssetEdge Software (where our Client is a subscriber) to collect the condition rating information. This is coupled with the CCTV, Quickview Camera data and survey data which is collected at the same time.  Cheers. Ricey

    Sean Rice
    BE (Civil) MBA (TechMgt) CPEng NER RPEQ FIPWEAQ
    Managing Director
    Proterra Group
    M: 0488 715 700


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    Posted 28-09-2018 15:06
    ​We use ArcGIS Collector application for simple asset inspections. This feed into a GDB file that can then be extracted to update the AMS. Not the greatest but it gives a spatial link and allow extraction as CSV files to up load and manage the data.

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    Posted 03-10-2018 12:56
    Edited by Gabriele Mancini 03-10-2018 14:17
    ​Hi Matt,

    There are a wide variety of programs that look different but mostly have the same functionality and if they don't, they will do with future updates. I believe the major difference is how they display the data.

    Some of the programs out there that may assist you are:

    - SAP
    - Technology One
    - SPM Assets
    - Assetic
    - Aston Industries
    - Maximo
    - MEX
    - Confirm AMS

    I believe they all have the capacity to capture, store and display/report data when set up correctly. Having said this, some software will require some effort in setting up, depending on your business requirements, and some are close to plug and play.

    You may also want to consider whether or not you would align to an asset management standard. In this case I would suggest checking out SPM Assets and Assetic, as far as I'm aware their stock software aligns to the IPWEA NAMS Practice Note 3. However this may not be a major issue as most software can be configured to suite.

    Also some software can capture data offline when on the field and data can then be uploaded once reconnected to the internet, whereas some systems require a constant internet connection. This may affect the assessor when accessing spots with no network reception.

    Another consideration will be whether the system will need to integrate with other systems you currently use for e.g. GIS, financial systems (if separate), CRM's etc.

    If your end goal is the capture and reporting of asset data (and not the ongoing management), the solution might be as simple as outsourcing the work and ensuring you state (in your scope of works) the types of reports and the format of data that you need. This solution is usually used when an ERP/AMS is already in place in which you can upload the asset data, for its ongoing management.

    Food for thought.



  • 8.  RE: asset inspections

    Posted 05-10-2018 11:39
    Edited by Ashley Bishop 05-10-2018 12:13
    There seems to be a trend of organisations using two or more systems to do asset management, and a different one to do the inspections. Is this the norm or do people prefer to use one system only for all assets?

    Ashley Bishop
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Benalla Rural City Council