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Load Plan Template Compliance with CoR

  • 1.  Load Plan Template Compliance with CoR

    Posted 09 January 2019 16:07
    Please may I ask for you assistance

    I am looking for a  Load Plan Template that would be compliant with the new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Laws. This template would allow operators to quickly and easily determine if the item of Plant and Equipment that they wish to carry is compatible and compliant with the  relevant truck / trailer combination being utilised.

    This Template would also ideally cover the relevant load restraint requirements for the item being transported

    Does anyone use such a Template or do they know of a readily available template from any outside organisation or is such a template purpose designed by your organisation for each item of equipment being loaded and transported.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    Stephen Haughey
    stephen.haughey @imcs.com.au
    tel 0415268307

  • 2.  RE: Load Plan Template Compliance with CoR

    Posted 13 January 2019 19:36
    Hi Stephen
    i have set up a load plan template for the 2 trucks that are in use. In my experience it is heavy vehicle specific. When we received the trucks we asked tmr for a supervised weigh of the plant we were going to transport to ascertain plant locations on the deck of the float. This provided locations for the plant so that it was spread appropriately across axles. I recorded distances from fixed points on the float of plant locations and placed in a spreadsheet. I then marked colour coded stickers ( sign writers tape is the best) on the float where the machine was to be located and that was easy for the operator to see when loading. All info was recorded in a spreadsheet. This includes distances of plant on deck; colour of tape used; full wet weight of the plant; full wet weight of the truck; date completed; full loaded weight of the truck; axle weight breakdown when loaded (helps to have a record of axle weights on unloaded truck and float). A copy is left in the truck and there is an electronic copy. The load restraint guide is a good reference for the drivers and supervisors. Also running all staff throug a load restraint course has benefits. Each float will have to checked this way because there are too many variables that can result in distributing weight in the wrong way. There is also an option to use a public weighbridge to get axle weights as long as the access is flat. I hope this helps.

    Dan Barron
    Toowoomba Regional Council


  • 3.  RE: Load Plan Template Compliance with CoR

    Posted 13 January 2019 19:37
    I have done some work in developing a load restraint calculator in Excel. I will send you an example by email.

    Tim Day
    Ararat Rural City Council