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Electric Buggies

  • 1.  Electric Buggies

    Posted 19 February 2017 19:36
    All electric buggies are becoming in demand by Council Departments.  Can anyone provide what they use and are they reliable? What is the life? Spare parts and back up service dependable?
    We have a few already (Cushman & Melex) but are finding that spare parts and back up service is lacking in the far north.
    Has anyone got the John Deere Electric Gator's?

    Brett Dykstra
    Fleet Asset Officer
    Cairns Regional Council

  • 2.  RE: Electric Buggies

    Posted 20 February 2017 23:16
    We have found that they are only good on hard surfaces that are flat, once they are used in undulating terrain or grass areas the batteries don't last and drive systems get overloaded.

    Used all sorts over the years........best we have had are diesel Kubota RTV's!

    Michael Borg
    Co-ordinator Fleet Services
    Rockhampton Regional Council


  • 3.  RE: Electric Buggies

    Posted 20 February 2017 23:23
    G'day all we have had golf buggy's in the past but our local police took a dis like to them and we have changed to Kubota RTV and John deere gator . we have good local service back up for both these.
    Council is looking for a shuttle type vehicle to transport able impaired patrons through our maritime village which has steep inclines and descents on coble stone roads  we have had a demo EMC 8 seater with wheel chair access shuttle from Varley but we are not sold on the product or back up service are there any other councils using vehicles of this type or other vehicle and what are the good points and pit falls and can they be registered for limited  road use in Victoria.  

    Terry Malone
    Team Leader
    Warrnambool City Council


  • 4.  RE: Electric Buggies

    Posted 22 February 2017 17:38

    Bundaberg has one EMC LWB 6 seater.
    It is used at our Bert Hinkler Hall of Aviation to transport invalid persons to and from the entrance, approx. 200 meters.
    It was purchased in January 2014 and up to date has done 1200 hours.
    Has been reliable  with only regular PM services & a brake master cylinder replaced in July 2015.
    Bundaberg Forklift Repairs & Spares is the service agent and does the servicing.
    All good.


    Barry White
    Procurement Coordinator
    Bundaberg Regional Council