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    RE: Synthetic grass

    Hi Perry, I have some experience of using synthetic grass in playgrounds and public malls but that was about 1990 so although it worked well and did the intended job, much has changed in the product and public concerns about out-gassing, micro-plastics ...

  • Hi Everyone! IPWEA, in partnership with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 National State of the Assets report . This one-hour event starting 2pm AEDT, Thursday, 9 th December 2021 ...

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  • Hi Christine and Sonja, We are in the process of developing AMPs for Precincts (multiple asset classes). As part of a custodian model. My first attempt at an AMP / Facility plan tried to focus on service delivery for the customer | community. ...

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    Synthetic grass

    Looking for some information on synthetic grass usage, does anyone have experience with installation on medium strips, roundabouts, public areas? Products, thickness used and longevity any information on previous experiences would be great Thanks in ...

  • Hi Christine Have been watching this thread with interest. Agree with Steve that an individual plan may suit certain complex sites or an asset of some sort of significance. Believe Sonja is on the money with something between an AMP and a facility plan. ...

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