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  • Hi Amy, Impressed that anyone has thought to forecast 10 years of data to start with given the significant exponential changes which occur in labour markets, technology, the environment, financing, legal inputs and so on, all of which influence economies. ...

  • A recent enquiry to a local council about tree root intrusion, kerb breakup and proximity of the trunk to the carriageway resulted in a reply that in effect gave greater priority to the tree rather than safety to the road user and structural/surface damage ...

  • Hi Nathan, We have a RIDGID "Sea Snake" inspection camera on a 30m conduit (which includes a flashlight, screen and can record video for use later) for checking pits, A.G's and pipes on smaller jobs (consultants do the larger jobs to WSAA's inspection ...

  • Hi Nathan, We have a portable snake cam with a fixed 2m? snake which we have used to inspect SEP, It works quiet well other than your forced to stand on the road pavement to feed the snake into the pit. So it becomes a higher risk requiring other safety ...


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