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  • 1.  Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 13-02-2015 11:09
    I am trying to ascertain what standards or guidelines are being used to outdoor electronic advertising devises by Local Bodies / Road Controlling Authorities as part of their District Plan / Engineering Code of Compliance. Council is in the process of reviewing its District Plan and desires to deal with applications for electronic billboards. - luminance, message change time, message scolling or merging, maximum and minimum size in relation to distance from the road. Is there an AS/NZS standards or guideline, that the adverting industry has to comply with? Are there international advertising guidelines to address road safety concerns? ------------------------------------------- Simon Robson Hastings District Council Hastings, New Zealand -------------------------------------------

  • 2.  RE:Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 15-02-2015 23:40
    Roads and Martitime Services in NSW have s guideline for use of VMS on state roads

    Grant Baker
    Director Infrastructure Services
    Blayney Shire Council


  • 3.  RE: Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 16-02-2015 07:00
    Key reference would be NZTA's "Advertising signs and road safety: design and location guidelines RTS 7": <> Section 5.7 deals with illuminated and variable message signs and provides some indicators as to how frequently messages should be allowed to change. ------------------------------------------- Jon Visser Transportation Policy Engineer Dunedin City Council Dunedin -------------------------------------------

  • 4.  RE: Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 17-02-2015 12:42
    Hi Simon, Bill

    You may also be interested in a technology called Telepath.  It is a Low Cost Voice Broadcast System, which can have up to 32 x 60sec pre recorderd audible messages programmed into it.

    The system is easily attached to VMS signs or can operate stand alone. The messages can be triggered to broadcast in a loop, or by time, date, day etc and also by ITS detectors, radar, weather, speed etc.

    The system broadcasts to any  UHF radio and can be setup to broadcast on the main highway radio channel.

    I do know that RMS in NSW use it for road construction site as as Leightons for warning Truck drivers to slow down.

    Hope this helps
    peter mcarthur
    neutral bay NSW


  • 5.  RE: Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 18-02-2015 08:55
    Both these documents RTS 7 - 1993: needs revision, and P35 - 2011 are helpful but these are not dealing with controlling current advertising practice.  I am now seeking assistance from Auckland Transport being the largest urban authority as to there typical requirements for an urban environment and changing commercial advertising practices.

    Simon Robson
    Transport Compliance Engineer
    Hastings District Council


  • 6.  RE: Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 18-02-2015 09:39

    A relevant guide is:

    • Austroads Research Report AP-R420-13 'Impact of Roadside Advertising on Road Safety'.

    Raj Muthusamy
    Road Safety Audits Pty Ltd


  • 7.  RE: Electronic message / display advertising display boards

    Posted 16-02-2015 15:18
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    Hi Simon.

    NZTA P35 (draft National Operating Procedures for New Zealand Transport Agency Variable Message Signs - April 2011) (attached) covers many of your questions. It's geared towards procedures for VMS signs operated by NZTA on State Highways, and is not a standard that the advertising industry has to comply with, but may be a good starting point.

    Bill Rice
    Opus International Consultants