Fleet & Plant Management

1.  Re: Waste Shredder

Posted 14 days ago
​​Hello IPWEA Mates,

We here at City of Karratha a close to undertaking a fixed term trial of a waste shredder for our Tier 3 landfill facility.

Wondering if anyone out there has experienced a trial or procurement of similar unit and can share their experience?

Any and all experience is appreciated, no matter how obvious they may seem...

  • Things to look out for
  • Pros / Cons
  • Fast wearing parts
  • Critical components to be kept on standby
  • Maintenance training options for internal repairs / maintenance
  • Contractor maintenance performance
  • Anything else you want to share

Feel free to reply to my email direct.

Have a great day......

Dan Hutton
Fleet & Plant Coordinator
City of Karratha
0427 387 442

2.  RE: Re: Waste Shredder

Posted 12 days ago
​Hi Dan

At the City of Busselton, we are hoping to do a similar trial early next financial year. We will be very interested in your results.


Greg Miller
Waste Coordinator
City of Busselton