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1.  Timber Bridge Maintenance Budgets?

Posted 13 September 2017 18:07

At Dungog Shire Council we are currently reviewing our expenditure on timber bridges and I was hoping to benchmark against some other Council areas similar to ours.

We currently have 33 timber bridges ranging from high level, 6 span bridges over the river networks to low level, single spans over the creek networks.  The condition of the bridge network have been decreasing and maintenance but we are unsure what budget we would need to keep them once returned to condition 3 level.

If you have any advise or experience in this we would love to hear about your bridge network, your maintenance budgets, how your bridge networks are fairing and what thoughts you have regarding you allocated budgets.

Michelle Viola
Assets & Facilities Manager
Dungog Shire Council

Ph: 02 4995 7777 Fax: 02 4995 7750


2.  RE: Timber Bridge Maintenance Budgets?

Posted 17 September 2017 17:59
Hi Michelle,

The IPWEA Timber Bridge Management Report would be a good start.

Conducted by the NSW Roads & Transport Directorate the report identifies (amongst other things) the condition of NSW timber bridges, asset management practices and funds required to bring Timber Bridges to a Satisfactory Standard since 2005, refer to this link:

Hope this helps.

Stephen Verity
NAMS Council Support | IPWEA Australasia