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Road Defect and Condition Inspection

  • 1.  Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 19 December 2018 17:00

    Just wondering how other Councils conducting their road inspections?

    Are you recording video footages, GPS coordinates of defects, photos of defects? What software/hardware are you using?



  • 2.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 06 January 2019 16:32
    Hi Rasika
    the RACAS system is working well for regional and remote Councils
    quite a few in Qld use it and some in NSW


  • 3.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 06 January 2019 16:47
    We currently use the Reflect Application by Asset Edge. Accomplishments are created for each scheduled inspection. Photos are currently only taken when defects are identified.

    We have begun taking photos in flood prone areas in the last few months during inspections though.

    Following this thread as interested in other responses.



    Carmen Smith
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    Posted 06 January 2019 16:47

    Hi Rasika


    Please ring me when you are free.

    My Office Numbers as follows; (03) 9278 4901, 0408 576 639 or private 0421 781 422.




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  • 5.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 06 January 2019 16:47
    HI Rasika
    At Adelaide Hills Council we are in the process of rolling out Confirm that will allow field collection of defects with location data, this software allows ​photographs.  We have been undertaking playground inspections and associated defect collection for some time with the Confirm System
    We have just had a GoLIve with tree enquiry/ defect and job process that includes integration with our Customer Relationship Management system.
    Buildings and Roads will roll out in the first half of the new year
    David Collins
    Manager Sustainable Assets

  • 6.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 08 January 2019 18:14
    Hi Rasika,

    Moorabool use the Asset Edge product Reflect to record all of our proactive inspection, defect and maintenance data for roads, among other asset classes. Visual inspections are completed and defect information logged on site using a tablet. They system is customisable depending on what information you'd like to collect (fields, photos etc) and contains all of our existing road data such as location information, hierarchy, Road Management Plan defect/inspection models and such like. Rectification works are then issued to the relevant maintenance teams via the system and maintenance information also subsequently recorded against the road.

    Condition inspections are outsourced to specialist contractors.

    Happy to discuss further if it is useful to you.

  • 7.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 09 January 2019 20:48
    Hi Rasika and all.

    It is very important to clearly distinguish between Asset management and Asset maintenance.
    Once you do this it makes the overall picture much clearer.

    in simple terms you do not resheet a road because it has one pot hole. But you certainly need to fix the pothole.
    the need for the resheet is based on condition observation and the age of the pavement and wearing surface.
    the pothole maintenance is based on cyclic regular and continuous maintenance observations. Both observations can be done together but be careful that one does not take over from the other. regular cyclic maintenance observations should also be carried out by an inspector separate to those doing the work and based on pre determined Intervention levels, response times and compulsory intervention levels that jointly form the Level of Service for maintenance. This should be done on a pre determined precinct by precinct basis.
    Asset Management Inspections and observations can be done less frequently and sometimes can be carried out by specialists for input into a PMS for Roads etc
    This basic maintenance system described above is included in the National IPWEA and NATSPEC AUS-SPEC maintenance specification documentation. The system can apply for Roads, Parks and Recreation Areas as well as Buildings and Facilities.

    Contact Nandini Mehta at AUS-SPEC on  (02) 9321-7200 or look up the NATSPEC web page =


    Also the paper listed on the web page =
    titled , "AUS-SPEC: The proactive approach to asset maintenance "

    Hope this helps

    Bill Woodcock.
    One of the original AUS-SPEC Authors.


  • 8.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 09 January 2019 20:48

    We use Asset Edge Reflect for a lot of our assets such as roads, bridges, causeways, major culverts, playground inspections, airfield inspections, and public bin inspections. We record defects and accomplishments. We take many photos during the process and GPS coordinates imbedded into images. Hardware is Android Samsung Tab A devices, about 30. We also have a few Trimble Android phones for higher accuracy capture for some projects using Reflect and ArcGIS Collector.

    For road revaluations we get laser condition assessments and video footage every 3 to 5 years. GPS coordinates recorded.

    Blyth Short
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Byron Shire Council


  • 9.  RE: Road Defect and Condition Inspection

    Posted 13 January 2019 19:37
    Hi Rasika,

    We utilise TechnologyOnes Ci, Mobility and CiA platforms for our in house day to day defect management. That includes GPS logging of defects, photos at creation (moving towards photos at completion), attributes for comments/dropdown lists/chainage etc. Those then hit a backlog thats scheduled later via electronic or paper work orders. Hardware has been our biggest challenge and currently find Dell 2in1 Latitudes the best option from a usability/value for money perspective. We originally used Getac ruggedized tablets but didn't see the value for money. Depending on the application and task we'll also use an external Garmin GPS over bluetooth that the inspector just has in their pocket or the vehicle (to gain or improve GPS accuracy of the Latitudes).

    We use this in varing forms for Council, RMPC and QRA defect recording. We also periodically organise a full road network video survey by an external agency, which was only last year and by Infrastructure Management Group.

    Kind Regards,

    Matthew Burdett
    Assets Coordinator
    Lockyer Valley Regional Council