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Airport Runway Repairs

  • 1.  Airport Runway Repairs

    Posted 11 June 2019 01:34
    G'day Mates,

    Looking for some advice on some isolated repairs to rutting we've experienced on an airstrip.
    Approximately 20mm deep over a couple of hundred metres where our SAAB's ares slowing down after landing.
    Be interested in any experiences you have in repairs of this type and how we might go about it.

    Hoping to be able to make repairs to surface only without having to put the rippers in.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Cheers. Ricey

    Sean Rice
    BE (Civil) MBA (TechMgt) CPEng NER RPEQ FIPWEAQ
    Managing Director
    Proterra Group
    M: 0488 715 700

  • 2.  RE: Airport Runway Repairs

    Posted 11 June 2019 23:01
    ​Hi Sean, as a previous Infrastructure Manager at an airport in New Zealand you really need to be talking to a consultant like AECOM or BECA's ( for advice, surfacing that is unravelling can cause extensive and expensive damage to aircraft engines and props and should be dealt with urgently. Are you monitoring the amount of FOD coming off the runway? and you really should be talking to an Airport Pavement / Surfacing Engineer.

    Regards Graham Eagles
    Senior Design Engineer
    Napier City Council

  • 3.  RE: Airport Runway Repairs

    Posted 12 June 2019 20:40
    ​Hi Sean,
    Also as having been responsible for an airport in a former job, I would recommend expert advice.

    At Maroochy we did an overlay to strengthen the runway for larger aircraft following a period of monitoring the rutting  that was occuring.

    Aircraft are expensive if the start to make claims if the surface isn't done right.


    Peter Pennycuick
    Senior Engineering Water and Wastewater Planning
    Tweed Shire Council