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    Posted 19 November 2019 22:15
    Hi Everyone,

    First time on this forum so thanks for having me.

    So basically my team and I at Banana Shire Council are currently looking at upgrading our fleet management program which is basically a Bulky Access database. We are trying make some baby steps on modernizing our department and after spending an information packed day with Andrew Railz and his team in Bundaberg on "how they see world" we have a little way to go.
    We have the fleet modules for ascetic (my data) which we are going to "trial" early next year but we are also interested in if anyone else is using ascetic (my data) or what everyone is currently using or are hoping to move to.

    Some of the requirements we are looking for are.
    • Technician/workshop scheduling
    • Pm service scheduling including parts lists
    • Easy data entry of completed job cards
    • Easy Reporting e.g. unfinished job cards etc 
    • Time clocking of technicians on job cards
    • Easy data import from fuel card companies (primary source of info for our PM services)
    • Option for in the future of vehicle gps input
    • Asset management
    • electronic accident/ incident reporting
    • Electronic Hire, in & out of council pool vehicles
    • Electronic prestart / defect sheets or maintenance requests forms
    • Internal hire rate calculator / replacement 
    • Remote access for service truck/technician's 
    • Notification via email or sms of "booking" time and date
    Thanks for your time

    [Principle Fleet & Workshop Adviser][Banana Shire Council][Brendan.Corfield@banana.gov.qld.au]

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    Posted 24 November 2019 17:36

    Hi Brendan

    My suggestion is not to start with the technology solution first but rather identify the business processes associated with each requirement that you have highlighted. This will give you and your team an opportunity to improve and automate each area, eliminate steps/errors, consider better ways to support fleet operations, and understand what type of reporting you require for each activity.

    As a start, I recommend that you carve out some time for you and the team to do simple process mapping. An easy way is to use coloured Post-it Notes on a spare wall, as follows:

    1. Determine the beginning and ending points of process
    2. Identify all activities (each activity written on a Post-It Note) to achieve the desired outcomes
    3. Identify any non-value adding activities that don't contribute
    4. Consider mandated necessary steps (i.e. compliance-related)
    5. Consider waste, rework, handoffs, etc.
    6. Consider where technology may be required or helpful

    Following the above, this will enable you to determine your functional requirements for each process, especially if you believe technology could make the process faster, cheaper and/or better. Knowing the functional requirements coupled with a deeper understanding of each process will make technology selection a lot easier because you will be able to compare your needs with potential system features, which may or may not be satisfactory or exceed Council needs.

    In relation to technology selection, I also suggest to consider non-functional requirements (e.g. viability of provider, security, integration, performance, reliability, support, etc.).

    Ultimately, it's not as much about the technology as it is about understanding your fleet activity requirements in detail, selecting tech that closely aligns or has the flexibility to align with these needs, ensuring smooth transition/implementation and dealing with the change management (mainly people) issues.

    Lastly, there are a number of tools that IPWEA FLEET offer to its membership, some of which may be useful to you now. For example, IPWEA FLEET's MAINPLAN tool covers a number of the areas that you have mentioned and could potentially be articulated to a more comprehensive solution. Have a look at https://www.ipwea.org/communities/fleetplantmanagement/fleetmainplan for more information.


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