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1.  Brand of oil used

Posted 28 November 2017 16:05
Hello to all,

​Could I have an indication as to what oil brands are being used - council is considering a change of oil brand to a cheaper type.


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2.  RE: Brand of oil used

Posted 30 November 2017 21:39
​Hi Kevin,

Bundaberg Council are currently using Castrol and are very happy with both the product and the technical advice we receive.
Castrol review our entire fleet listing on a yearly basis to ensure we are utilising the correct products for both reliability and compliance with manufacturers requirements.

Personally, I would be very cautious about changing brands of oil to save a few dollars, particularly if the new company does not have a quality technical department available to back up their product.

Happy to chat further.



3.  RE: Brand of oil used

Posted 06 December 2017 21:57

Griffith City Council have been using Envirolube which is a re refined product for many years now with no problems.  We Also use Hi Tech Oils which own Envirolube.  Both products are very good.

4.  RE: Brand of oil used

Posted 10 December 2017 16:35
When you want to move to a new oil brand, you have to consider the recommendation from individual manufacturers of your fleet. You can group some equipment, not all. As you know there are equipments with Tier 4 engine and DPF requires special type of engine oil. There are some oil suppliers they have got equivalent oil, but make sure that all requirements are met.

5.  RE: Brand of oil used

Posted 12 December 2017 19:53
​Good Afternoon
We have run Castrol for many years with good results. We did change to another supplier, due to a complaint to council that council should be using a local supplier hence we changed for 2 years. The change fore mine did not save money as we had increased oil burn issues, confusion with staff due being unfamiliar with the product , a lot of leftover oil and the change over of the oil pumps and hose reels.
After the 2 yrs. had expired we promptly changed back to Castrol and once again a repeat of the listed issues.
So unless there is significant saving stick with what you know.

6.  RE: Brand of oil used

Posted 05 December 2017 16:12
Hi Kevin,
               we have always used BP ,which is now connected to castrol ,there is a good back up help line if you need any teck support ,don't think we have ever had any failures from oil suitability