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Survey - Open Spaces Community Satisfaction

  • 1.  Survey - Open Spaces Community Satisfaction

    Posted 10 July 2019 23:14

    I am seeking any council who has previously conducted an "Open Spaces Community Satisfaction survey"?

    This will be used to feed into the Asset Management Plan (Customer Levels of Service). My draft questions are below which would be spatially linked using an interactive map with predefined active and passive open spaces. The community would be asked to performance rate, importance rank and comment see below.

    condition scores e.g. Rate the overall condition of this open space using menu drop downs from 1 to 5

    Usage rating menus e.g. How often do you use this space? daily, twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc

    Functionality i.e. Rate how the park /sports field suites your functionality needs 1 to 5

    Importance's rank e.g.  How important is this space rate (1-5) or rank from list?

    Comments free text e.g. what improvements would you like to see in this space etc?

    BTW I have the IPWEA Parks Management: Level of Service Practice Note 10.3. 

    If you have any surveys more complex or similar I would appreciate if you could share them. 

    Kind Regards

    Mrs Blyth Short
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Byron Shire Council

  • 2.  RE: Survey - Open Spaces Community Satisfaction

    Posted 15 July 2019 17:51
    Hi Blyth,

    I case you aren't aware, IPWEA provides the Yardstick Parks User Survey, which is a ready made park user survey, developed by park managers and tested and refined through use by many organisations over the last 12 years of operation. Its focus, as well as overall satisfaction, is based on identifying relative importance and satisfaction of common park services and any service gap. It can be run as a intercept and/or wider community online self-completion survey.

    I would avoid asking about condition, as I'm not sure that the general park user understands this concept in the same way that we do.

    Please contact me to discuss further if required, as I'm happy to provide further advice regardless of the survey methodology you decide to use.

    Brian Milne
    Ph 410 263 121