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    Posted 26 February 2018 20:41
    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Ted Anderson. I am the Group Manager Assets at the South Waikato District Council, in New Zealand. I am currently undertaking a Section 17 Analysis for the service delivery within the Park and Opens Spaces Area. More specifically looking at the option of either continuing with the contracting out of service or alternatively employing staff, purchasing plant and equipment and providing this service in-house.

    Does your Council provide these services using in-house resources or does it contract these services out, or do they used a combined hybrid model?

    Are you able to provide details on your arrangement?
    approximate size of the asset and approximate annual cost?

    How did your Council make the decision regarding service delivery?

    How was this decided and what learning from this experience are you prepared to share with SWDC?

    Does your Council have any other advice for SWDC parks and open spaces?

    I appreciate your time taken to respond to this request

    Kind regards


    EdwardAndersonSouth Waikato District CouncilGroup Manager Assetsted.anderson@southwaikato.govt.nz07 885 0730New Zealand