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Seeking input: Asset Valuation Dates and AM Systems used

  • 1.  Seeking input: Asset Valuation Dates and AM Systems used

    Posted 15 March 2018 17:37
    Edited by Ashish Shah 19 March 2018 22:54

    Dear Colleague,

    As we prepare for 31 March valuation dates in future for QLD Councils as communicated by QAO, I am reviewing alignment of AM practices to AM Systems vs Financial Systems used for valuation.

    Which Asset Management System you use for Financial Reporting for Roads or other asset classes, is it same for renewal modelling and asset management?

    We, at Logan, have
    • SMEC PMS for both engineering asset management and financial reporting for Roads and
    • AssetIC for Stormwater, Bridges and Other asset classes for asset management/ financial reporting

    Also QAO's guideline on "Valuing public infrastructure at current replacement costs"  (link - has been published in July 2017 for consultation, final guidelines yet to be released.

    The guidelines discussed many elements which may or may not be feasible within a financial system vs pavement/ road asset management system.

    Any comments or feedback on the guidelines?


    Ashish Shah | Program Leader - Road Asset Management | Logan City Council

    QAO factsheet -