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Streetscape Design for Major Arterial Route

  • 1.  Streetscape Design for Major Arterial Route

    Posted 12 August 2018 20:44
    Meander Valley Council is embarking on a project to redesign a portion of Westbury Road to cater for vulnerable road users and localised traffic by improving the design and aesthetics of the road.

    Westbury Road is the primary arterial road (~ >15,000 AADT) that services Prospect Vale, Blackstone Heights, Prospect and Summerhill and has a direct access link to the Bass Highway.
    Council has undertaken a number of Strategic Plans in the Prospect Vale, Blackstone Heights and Hadspen areas and is aware of developments identified in the adjoining Council that will utilise Prospect Vale as a service centre.  Analysis of the developments indicates that traffic volumes will increase to in excess of 25,000 AADT by 2031.

    Council's intent is to review the function of Westbury Road and produce a staged plan to upgrade the road through streetscape treatments, separated bike lanes, improved connectivity for vulnerable road users and intersection upgrades - all of which will cater for the projected growth.
    Stage 1 focuses on the segment from the Bass Highway off ramp to the Country Club intersection, with one of the objectives of the project to create an activated street frontage that prioritises pedestrian movement within the streetscape as people move between a sports facility, community facility and new commercial and retail centre.

    The design team would be very interested to hear from councils who manage a streetscape that caters for the following:
    • >25,000 vehicles per day
    • Separated cycle lanes
    • Intersection treatments either side of activated street frontage: signalised or roundabout
    • Vegetation to improve aesthetics and soften streetscape
    • Pedestrian movement along and across the road
    • Activated street for commercial and retail frontage
    • Parking facilities
    • Bus lane and stop
    • B Double Route (designated or licence)
    If you could provide a location of the area and some details around what service it provides, how you have changed it or intend to change it, how it functions, lessons learnt and perhaps some design details/sections/plans if you have the, - it would be very much appreciated.
    Please contact me if you would like to provide some examples and advice on the project.
    Thank you for your advice, we are in the early design stages and would like to make an informed decision as we progress with the project.