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Who is using Aus Spec for their capital works and maintenance?

  • 1.  Who is using Aus Spec for their capital works and maintenance?

    Posted 27 November 2018 01:49
    Hi all

    I'm doing some research and fact gathering regarding Aus Spec.​


    • Who is actually using Aus Spec as the basis for their capital works and maintenance?
    • Is it suitable for use Australia wide?  For example, is it suitable for the climate conditions expected in Darwin as opposed to those in Melbourne?
    • Can it cover all of the works that local governments do or are their gaps where other specifications need to be considered?
    • Do local authorities use a mix of Aus Spec and other specifications on a horses for courses basis?
    • Any other comments regarding Aus Spec?

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    Pete Heffernan
    Civil Engineering Officer
    City of Darwin

  • 2.  RE: Who is using Aus Spec for their capital works and maintenance?

    Posted 27 November 2018 19:17

    Hi Peter

    AUS-SPEC is the national Local Government Specification for the life cycle management of assets. It is a joint venture between NATSPEC and IPWEA. In response to your queries:

    1. AUS-SPEC is being used by Councils in all the States for their Capital works and maintenance of local government assets. The attached Brochures AUS-SPEC Case studies and Technical resources and AUS-SPEC The necessity of local government specification provide several case studies and examples how different Councils have used the AUS-SPEC for different projects. The brochures are also available for download from the NATSPEC website

    One of the case studies featured in one of these Brochures is the Midcoast Council project Tuncurry Community Recycling Centre. This project was constructed using the AUS-SPEC specifications and has received the Engineering Excellence Award at the 2018 IPWEA NSW State Conference a few weeks ago. For more information on the project visit

    1. AUS-SPEC is being used Australia wide and many projects worth millions of dollars have already been constructed nationally using these specifications. We provide Template documents which can be customised for specific projects or can be used as Council specific documents using SPECbuilder, online specification compiler. For more details see AUS-SPEC papers available on
    2. AUS-SPEC covers all asset groups and are available in 8 packages AUS-SPEC Complete, Contracts, Buildings, Urban and open spaces, Road reserves, Public utilities, Maintenance and the new Rural Roads package just released in 2018. Each package includes design, construction and maintenance specifications for each asset group. The full package covers around 422 specification documents and various additional reference documents, for more information visit Full list of documents included in each package are available from
    3. AUS-SPEC documents are generally used for all local government works and State road Authority documents for RMCC Contracts. We update the documents annually and develop new specifications with industry partners and other stake holders where there are gaps, for example the release of the new Rural Roads package in 2018 and new documents on pavement preservation in 2017.
    4. The details of the new Rural package are available from

    If you need any further information on AUS-SPEC please contact us on 02 93217200. 

    Nandini Mehta
    AUS-SPEC Manager
    NATSPEC // Construction Information
    Tel +61 2 9321 7200| Fax +61 2 9321 7201
    Level 4, 263 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000