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Buildings Customer Levels of Service - Survey Questions

  • 1.  Buildings Customer Levels of Service - Survey Questions

    Posted 08 January 2019 23:36
    I am wondering if any councils have consulted with the community and surveyed "Building Customer Levels of Service". I am after the questions that you have asked to determine customer satisfaction for all or any of the following building types ranging from halls, libraries, sheds, sports facilities, residential leases, commercial leases, public toilets etc.

    I want to use the information to feed into the Building Asset Management Plan - Customer Levels of Service section.

    Blyth Short
    Asset Management Coordinator - Byron Shire Council
    02 66267218

  • 2.  RE: Buildings Customer Levels of Service - Survey Questions

    Posted 09 January 2019 20:47
    ​Hi Blyth, It is great to here another LGA is on the way to consulting with their community on levels of service. We are about to issue out our consultation for the same purpose. In our case we have a separate consultation underway on overall community facilities needs, so for the purpose of our Buildings Asset Management Plan we have simplified the consultation to a survey format based on individual buildings. The outline of the format is listed below - this will be issued through our website to all user groups, hirers, lessees, licencees, and through them to users:


    • Explanation of the survey purpose
    • Levels of service explained
      • capability (is it functional, is there enough capacity)
      • the safety of yourself and others when using the building
      • the cost to you (and your community)
      • its usability (is it accessible, flexible and inclusive, able to be easily used)
      • amenity (is it clean, attractive, welcoming)
      • supporting your values (heritage, equity, sporty, environmental and social)
    • Number of buildings and total fair value of them

    "Select a building you are familiar with"

    • {Field to enter the building name}
    • The respondent can provide feedback on any number of facilities, on separate forms

    "The rating for importance is where you can say: an item that has high importance needs more attention, more often, and needs to work really well. This reflects a higher level of service (higher capability, safer and so on). A less important item can have less attention less often and doesn't matter so much if it doesn't work well (as long as it doesn't fail). "

    "For example: A heritage building's roof and guttering may be of Very High importance because you believe the building heritage value is high and needs protecting. A community hall's roof and guttering may be of low importance to you, because it is a standard functional design and unremarkable."

    "Please rank each item below, by how important this is to you, when you use the building."

    • The items are
    • Floor Coverings
    • Internal and external lighting
    • Accessibility
    • Toilets, showers and change Rooms
    • Internal finishes including painting and windows
    • External appearance including painting
    • Functional spaces (room sizes and special areas such as kitchens)
    • Cooling and heating
    • Roofs and gutters
      • Any other part or aspect of the building, including alarms, security, locks, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, pests, building surrounds, carpark, management, bookings, maintenance.
    • Each item is to be ranked for Importance. Rank in order of most important to least important, with most important = 1.
    • {Comment field for the above}

    "Please rate how you feel the item is performing."

    "The rating for performance is where you can say whether the item is performing as well as you want it to. Very high performing components means they are: very safe and secure, low cost, very usable, very clean and attractive, highly supportive of values, and have plenty of capability. "

    • Ratings of performance 5 Very Poor, 4 Poor, 3 Fair, 2 Good, 1 Very Good.
    • {Comment field for the above}

    "When considering the building overall, how important are each of these categories, and how do you think the building is performing?"

    • The categories are: Cost effective, Safety, Capable, Usable, Amenity, Supporting of values
    • Rank in order of importance, where Rank 1 = most important
    • Rate performance Very Poor to Very Good.

    "Is the amount to hire, licence or lease the building acceptable?"

    • {Comment field}

    "Select what type of user you are for this facility:"

    • {Up to once per month, Up to once per week, Several times a week, Daily.}
    • {Individual, informal group, formal group or club, customer to the host business or group.}
    • {Question on Gender, Age etc?}


    Doug Bartlett
    Manager Asset Planning and Management
    City of Kalamunda


  • 3.  RE: Buildings Customer Levels of Service - Survey Questions

    Posted 13 January 2019 19:38
    We have encountered this approach previously and assisted in applying market values and WoL costs against each land/building asset so council can rank the contributing cost (value) of the service and level of provision. The results can be eye opening  once the client cross references the type of service provision against the opportunity cost of the asset(s).

    It also assisted in building a business case for rationalising the portfolio so that some community service provisions where either relocated or co-located for maximum utility, thereby freeing up resources for other constituent demands.

    Interesting stuff for a valuer!

    Martin Burns
    National Director of Valuations
    Liquid Pacific
    North Sydney NSW
    02 9025 3788