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Funding for Flood Plain Mapping

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  • 1.  Funding for Flood Plain Mapping

    Posted 11 July 2019 17:47
    Hi Everyone,

    We, at Northern Areas Council in South Australia are planning to carryout floodplain mapping for some of the urban areas withing the council region. This is with the intention of making available those maps for general public, council use and other relevant institutions. The total area covered under the maps will be less than 10 and we expect to carryout aerial survey (LiDAR or equivalent) to generate the digital elevation models (DEMs), hydrologic studies and modelling to estimate flows of rivers and runoffs from townships.

    My question is regarding the availability of potential funding options for this project. I have done a bit of research for alternatives and had a close look at the option of applying for Stormwater Management Authority(SMA)'s Stormwater Management Fund to cover part of the cost. However, there seems to be a condition outlining that, to quote,'stand-alone applications for floodplain modelling and mapping will be considered by the SMA where there is a demonstrated intention and commitment to advance to completion of a full Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) subsequent to completion of floodplain mapping'. As at now we haven't made any decisions yet to advance to completion of a full SMP. Therefore, I am doubtful that we would qualify for funding under that particular funding scheme. Has anyone had any experience of a similar scenario and managed to sort out any funding for their project?

    Finally, apart from the SMA's Stormwater Management Fund, are there any other source of funding or grants that you know of, that a stand-alone floodplain mapping project like ours could qualify for?

    Your assistance and any sort of relevant information will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Sachira Kularathne

    Technical Officer
    Northern Areas Council

  • 2.  RE: Funding for Flood Plain Mapping

    Posted 14 July 2019 17:42
    Floodmapp might be a useful conversation to have.

  • 3.  RE: Funding for Flood Plain Mapping
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    Posted 15 July 2019 22:42
    Hi Sachira,

    I'm not sure about the situation in SA, but in NSW and QLD there's a lot of state drivers for flood plain management.

    In NSW the former Office of Environment and Heritage led the way in Floodplain Management, offering grants to Councils for flood studies and flood management plans.

    I believe in SA, the similar authority is the Department of Environment & Water or SAFECOM. You may want to see if either of those entities offer anything.