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Capitalisation - Soft Landscaping

  • 1.  Capitalisation - Soft Landscaping

    Posted 04 July 2019 20:16
    Hello Colleagues

    We currently have divided opinions on how to treat soft landscaping in or capitalisation processes.  We would be interested in how other councils handle the classification of soft landscaping and if there are any useful life associated with tress, garden beds, mulched play areas, etc.

    Andrew Grant
    Assets Specialist

    Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council
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    Mail: PO Box 90 Queanbeyan NSW 2620

  • 2.  RE: Capitalisation - Soft Landscaping

    Posted 07 July 2019 20:22
    Hi Andrew,
    If you're not aware of it, IPWEA provide guidance on this issue in Parks Practice Note 10.2: Renewal Planning, Valuation and AMP's

    In our experience most organisations are not capitalising soft assets, However there may still be a case to value these assets for renewal planning purposes - where you want to implement a planned renewal approach. This is most likely to be the case for street trees and street gardens.

    A key issue to consider is weighing up the balance between the effort and cost of maintaining an accurate asset register and condition for soft assets versus the benefit you'll get from applying a planned renewal approach.

    Brian Milne
    Director, Xyst Australia
    Ph 410 263 121