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School bus shelters in Victoria

  • 1.  School bus shelters in Victoria

    Posted 19 August 2019 22:30
    Edited by Ricky Luke 20 August 2019 02:22
    Good morning all

    Council has received a large number of requests to install shelters for school kids - must be something to do with the weather here. PTV policy is clear that they feel the installation and maintenance of shelters is a Council responsibility.

    My opinion is Council isn't in the public transport business, and in most cases, there's no overall community benefit for us to install them for a couple of students. We are trying to get a feel from other Victorian Councils about their view or policy. If you have a policy or a general process can you please let me know.

    ***EDIT*** We've had a think about the process, and have come up with the following. Is it reasonable?

    1) All requests for new shelters must be submitted to the Coordinating Principal, who shall submit a request to Council if they deem it appropriate. The submission will detail the items required in 2) a and 2) b.

    The Coordinating Principal shall submit to Council all details on the attached form. Submission of the form is not mandatory.

    2) Council shall assess the request and determine if it shall proceed based on the following criteria.
       a. Number of students expected (minimum 4)
       b. Expected life of stop (minimum 8 years)
       c. Stop location. (Visual site lines on traffic, ease of construction, etc.)
       d. Distance to nearest shelter. No new shelter will be approved within 500m of an existing site.
    3) Council shall submit all approved requests to PTV for funding.
       a. If approved, Council will construct and maintain the shelter for a minimum of 8 years. This will be limited to routine maintenance.
       b. If funding is not approved, the shelter will not go ahead and the Coordinating Principal informed of the decision.

    Ricky Luke
    Asset Management Coordinator
    Glenelg Shire Council