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Pedestrian Generator Zones - Footpath Network

  • 1.  Pedestrian Generator Zones - Footpath Network

    Posted 10 April 2019 20:56
    ​Hi all,

    The City of Onkaparinga currently use pedestrian generator zones to help prioritise footpath renewal and maintenance work. Our generators include facilities associated with:
    - Aged care
    - Education
    - Major public transport links (ie. not every bus stop but instead bus interchanges and railway stations)
    - High order parks and open space areas
    - Shopping centres
    - Coastline

    Historically, the pedestrian generator zone was identified as a radius around the generator, but we have recently transitioned to using pedestrian sheds (walking distances).

    What we are struggling to find, and would really appreciate feedback on, is how many metres other councils use for these generators (eg. is 200m sufficient?) and how these distances were developed.

    Thanks in advance!

    Lisa Hutchinson

  • 2.  RE: Pedestrian Generator Zones - Footpath Network

    Posted 11 April 2019 20:38
    The typically stated walking distance for accessing destinations without a break is 400m.  Whilst not a hard rule, I believe there may have been some validation around this.  We have used 400m as a guide when developing our Principal Pedestrian Networks

    Aaron McGlade
    City of Greater Geelong


  • 3.  RE: Pedestrian Generator Zones - Footpath Network

    Posted 22 April 2019 23:46
    When we undertook Parks Planning in Calliope Shire for locating parks within future development, our team including the Parks Manager used 400m as the minimum catchment area but would extend the distance up to 900m for more attractive parks with flatter terrain and provision of pedestrian facilities such as paths shade and seats.

    Greg Penhaligon - GHD