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NBN Rollout Reinstatement Works

  • 1.  NBN Rollout Reinstatement Works

    Posted 05 March 2019 20:14
    Hi.  Doe anyone else have problems with getting NBN contractors to reinstate their works to Council standards. Do they leave a mess and very unacceptable patch up works?  We are currently tackling the issues and any advice is welcome.


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    Posted 07 March 2019 17:12
    Hi James

    I believe there are ongoing issues across the state with regard to road/footpath restorations following utility works. The problem tends often to be related to the utility authority's choice of contractors and subcontractors. These are my observations on the issue:

    • The Council position in terms of ensuring high quality reinstatement is not strongly backed by the relevant legislation Electricity Supply , Gas Supply, Telecommunications and Roads Act. I am unaware of an instance where a Council has successfully contested the quality of a reinstatement in the courts.
    • The Roads Opening Conference standards appear to be unenforceable as providers are referring to their own standards instead.
    • A measure of success has been achieved by Council taking control of the permanent restorations according to their own specification and charging the utility provider through fees and charges. This is a balancing act to try and get the appropriate charge to be competitive and cover the true costs of undertaking the reinstatement in house or by contract. The attraction to the utility provider is a turn key transaction where they pay and can walk away.
    • Strong relationships between council staff and utility providers and their contractors can be very effective in mitigating the risk.
    • Timely and detailed response to 40 day and 10 day  notifications to Council which are mandated by the various Acts can be effective in setting out Council standards and inviting further engagement with Council

    AndrewVermeySection Manager Asset 4325 8921GOSFORDNSW


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    Posted 11 March 2019 16:45
    ​Hi Paul,

    I agree with Andrew observation and our approach is also to taking control of permanent restoration in accordance to council specifications and code of restorations including.

    • Establishing communication
    • Encouraging to receive  appropriate details of works in the LAAN notices
    • Timely and detailed response to LAAN notices involving all relevant departments
    • Controlling unauthorised road opening
    • Maximising affordability - both upfront and in long term to protect council assets
    • Cost of restoration (including future maintenance of damaged infrastructures) and affordability (budget of restorations) are primary consideration that influence all subsequent decisions for undertaking restorations quickly.

    I believe working together to will enable councils to achieve quality restorations.


    Mlinder Kumar
    Restorations Supervisor

    Mlinder Kumar


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    Posted 24 March 2019 17:47
    Hi James,

    I sympathise with your issue.

    We are having a lot of difficulties with NBN. We are managing this by strong communication. In fact we have requested one of the main contractors attend for a meeting next week to discuss poor quality construction. I am lucky to have three excellent Road Restorations Officers who are not shy in challenging the contractors. Agree with other comments in this thread - there is not much you can do but establish strong communication lines.

    I would even expand this to the other utilities and say it is like the wild west in our Road Reserves.

    In an environment where utilities and govt agencies are contracting everything out and the Principal Contractor then subcontracts works out which might even be subcontracted out again, it is difficult to keep track of who is doing what.

    We are coming to a position internally where we can see the benefit of doing as many of the restorations ourselves. This requires resources, but at least we have some control over the process and outcome. We are managing the restorations for the majority of reactive restos with the other utilities. Unfortunately the NBN is its own beast though.

    Restorations is definitely a challenging environment at the moment.

    Northern Beaches Council

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