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Pooled Equipment

  • 1.  Pooled Equipment

    Posted 03 June 2018 19:08
    ​Hello mates!
    I'm looking for information on how other local governments, preferably Regional Districts, manage pooled equipment. Are the assets held in one service/department and billed out to the other services/department? Is the equipment purchased by each individual service and then billed out to users? Appreciate some good feedback!
    ~Cheers Rosi

  • 2.  RE: Pooled Equipment

    Posted 20 August 2018 20:32
    Are you still looking for advice on this question?   I have done work in the this space for a few local governments in the past.  Send me an email if you would like to have a discussion.

    Jon Charles
    CED Consultants


  • 3.  RE: Pooled Equipment

    Posted 21 August 2018 20:44

    In a previous role I use to manage pool vehicles for approx. 100 staff members. The way in which I managed this was that I created a series of public calendars (through outlook) for each individual asset. Staff that wanted to use the assets would simple add these calenders to their own outlook and record when they wanted to book a vehicle.

    We had a vehicle log sheet which tracked the hours of usage and km's driven so at the end of each month, I would process all these records into our system which would then calculate a corresponding fee.

    Once I knew this value, I would prepare a financial journal to recoup these costs back from the relevant department.

    Hope this helps.


    John-Paul Berry
    Fleet Management Officer
    City of Armadale