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Scoping Reseal jobs - Level of Detail Regarding Patching

  • 1.  Scoping Reseal jobs - Level of Detail Regarding Patching

    Posted 20 May 2019 01:58
    Edited by David Gresik 20 May 2019 23:38
    Patching pickup example

    Dear Mates,

    We would appreciate your answers/thoughts with regard to the below question:

    To what level of detail is your council scoping reseals (excluding rehab projects) for budget estimating purposes? Are you using historical average treatment rates or similar that include a nominal allowance for preparatory patching or are you undertaking a field inspection with a detailed measure up on each road to establish job budgets?

    We at Sunshine Coast Council are currently using a GPS receiver (Leica GG04) to accurately pick up exact location and extents of every patch and overall limits of work for the reseal. This data is stored in GIS and can be viewed spatially or used to produce a scope of work document for each road. We also use the GPS to pick up AsCon information for both patches and final reseal treatment area.

    The reason for the question is that the above GPS pick up takes a lot of time and resources for a $20M works program and we are wondering whether or not it is actually a good use of resources. In previous years, SCC had adopted the simpler approach of using average/nominal rates and, for the most part, the "unders and overs" would cancel each other out.

    Edit to original post: an example of pre-patching pickups is shown in the diagram below. Council is proposing that the asphalt Contractor will be responsible for verifying and recording actual patching quantities and also the final measure up of "as con" details/areas using GPS software/technology.

    Aerial Map

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  • 2.  RE: Scoping Reseal jobs - Level of Detail Regarding Patching

    Posted 20 May 2019 21:56
    Hi David,

    I'd start by commending you or the team responsible on the pursuit of details with the process outlined, if nothing else the intent is honourable. I'd suggest it may be excessive if you aren't then using that data for anything more than calculating a budget estimate because as you say the "unders and overs" of average rates likely cancel out sufficiently for budgeting processes. If however you're currently using or have intent in using it in the future, and if you're AsCon processes don't pick up this detail then I'd perhaps view it as an investment in data to utilise in failure mode analysis. We don't collect quite this degree of detail yet regarding patches (close to), but we do collect the actual extent of seal in our AsCon processes either by GPS or chainage (usually chainage).


    Matthew Burdett
    Assets Coordinator
    Lockyer Valley Regional Council