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Determining Road Age From PCI

  • 1.  Determining Road Age From PCI

    Posted 07 August 2019 18:33
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    Good morning All,

    I wonder if any of you was able to develop a method to determine the age of a road or of a road pavement based on its PCI rating. My Municipality has conducted a full PCI rating of its roads, but the asset register is missing the acquisition date (or age of asset) for most roads.

    I have come across a relevant study that was done in Indonesia (attached), but I was wondering if anyone has a method that applies to a climate similar to that of Southwestern Ontario, Canada (four seasons, increasing freeze/thaw cycles, and heavy precipitation in fall and spring).


    Huda Oda, MASc, EIT
    Environmental Climate Change Technologist
    Municipality of Chatham-Kent


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  • 2.  RE: Determining Road Age From PCI

    Posted 09 August 2019 19:21
    Hello Huda

    Would be worth you having a look at the IPWEA Practice Note 9 Road Pavements (Visual Assessment) and supporting 9.1 and 9.2. The link to the bookshop is

    Murray Erbs
    Chair NAMS.AU | IPWEA Australasia


  • 3.  RE: Determining Road Age From PCI

    Posted 11 August 2019 18:48
    A PCI based on a visual assessment may give an indication of age for the Wearing Coarse but would not be reliable for the Pavement Base.

    Pavement Base age may be inferred through deeper analysis, say using deflection testing, as algorithms can estimate remaining life if you know some base material and depths can infer when built.

    Why do you want to determine age?

    Sheldon Consulting Pty Ltd


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    Posted 12 August 2019 20:59
    Hi Huda,

    At the City of Ottawa, there had a bit of a headache after amalgamation in 2001 since the separate municipalities kept road information to varying degrees of quality. For situations where they didn't have any information on a road, they had to use proxy data to estimate roadbase age. They looked up old sewer/Watermain replacement projects and assumed that the roadbase would be replaced new. For situations such as rural roads that never had any sort of pipes installed underneath them, they had to review the property assessments as far back as they could go to see where the roads were mentioned next to farms.

    For record-keeping purposes, the road segment data was grouped by decades (ie Arterial 1930, Local 1960, etc) as that was "good enough" for purposes of Tangible Capital Asset reporting, and we have been keeping accurate yearly numbers since 2008. We used these estimated ages along with actual and calculated PQI numbers gathered from pavement inspection and degradation curves to help optimize and prioritize our road rehabilitation projects.

    Hope this helps,