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    Posted 20 February 2019 01:04
    Good Afternoon

    Council is currently assessing the need to own a Vac Excavator Truck or a smaller Vac Excavator Trailer.

    Would anyone have what the cost to run a Vac excavator truck with a 3000 Liter spoil tank mounted on a possible 10 ton GVM truck and the operating costs of a 1000 Liter spoil tank trailer mounted vac excavator unit.

    Just looking for the operating costs and any pros and cons of owning and operating either of the said units.


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    Posted 21 February 2019 19:35
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    Hi Stanley,

    At the City of Stirling, we purchased a low tech, very reliable combination vac and jetter truck.  We have been able to reduce the number of reactive maintenance events with a proactive maintenance programme.

    My advise, bigger is better.  It means less travel down time to tip off.  Resulting in higher productivity, which offsets the higher price tag.

    I don't know the scope or scale of what your specific gap you're trying to fill, maybe you can contact me direct and I can provide more specific advice.

    We operate a 4500 liter spoil tank with 4000 liters of water.  With 200 m of jetting hose and an array of different heads we are now able to perform 90% of pit and pipe cleaning in-house.  We mounted a Vermeer V1200 on the back of a flat bed truck.

    I highly recommend the Vermeer range. They are a work horse, no bells and whistles, that just keep going.

    Kind regards

    Technical Officer Engineering Maintenace
    City of Stirling
    08 9205 7052


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