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Cold Bitumen Polymer Modified Spray Seals

  • 1.  Cold Bitumen Polymer Modified Spray Seals

    Posted 12 March 2019 22:57
    ​Goulburn Council has a 6 month weather window for carrying out hot bitumen spray seal works, which can be limiting if scopes are delayed.  A contractor has recently suggested we trial the use of a polymer modified cold bitumen emulsion as an option to extend this window.  Does any one have data on the performance of this product compared with the hot bituem equivalent for resealing works.  We currently use an unmodified cold bitumen emulsion in a paveline truck for small repairs, but have not considered the modified option for larger capital works.


    Martin Wragge-Morley
    Construction Superintendent
    Goulburn Mulwaree Council

  • 2.  RE: Cold Bitumen Polymer Modified Spray Seals

    Posted 13 March 2019 21:00
    ​Orange City Council would be interested in any response you get to this item Martin as we have similar seasonal issues.


    Wayne Gailey
    Works Manager
    Orange City Council


  • 3.  RE: Cold Bitumen Polymer Modified Spray Seals

    Posted 14 March 2019 00:12
    Martin and Wayne,

    I refer back to my post on the Forum last 25 October in regard to a unique cold mix asphalt called Carboncor. The Australian Company is now just less than 12 months old.
    Carboncor was developed 20 years ago in South Africa, is an anionic cold mix which includes carbon as well as surfactants and a number of classified additives. Carboncor is activated by water - by a water truck on larger jobs or by a watering can on potholes.

    A typical resurface would be 27 - 30mm compacted to 20mm, the compaction with only a 3.5 tonne roller, preferably pneumatic wheeled to achieve a better finished surface.

    I don't believe Carboncor has any representation yet in NSW, but I signed last week for Central and North Queensland.

    However, to start a conversation, email Johan Potgeiter, Sales Director - Australia  on and he will be more than happy to answer any enquiry.

    Ian Hudson
    Airlie Beach Qld 4802